I got a response the Andre Sobel Foundation

I donated to the Andre Sobel River Of Life Foundation. After you reading this, you will too.How neat is it that I got a response the Andre Sobel Foundation Advisor/Award Coordinator regarding my post, Subscribe for Charity.

Dear Katrina,

I just saw your online donation today and read your blog.

Isn’t it amazing how some stories just stick with you? Valerie’s story is certainly that way: powerful and enduring.

Now 20 years after Andre passed away, we truly appreciate your creative way of spreading the word about our mission of compassion.

It was a privilege for us to work with Harlequin and Carly Phillips. She handled the subject matter in such a senstive and compassionate way.

And the message is enduring, because, sadly, every day a child is diagnosed with  a catastrophic illness to a single parent family…for whom compassion can’t wait.

Valerie is copied on this email, and I will make sure that she is aware of your gift.

If you would like a story of a current family assisted for your blog, please let me know and I will pass it along.

Thank you again, and best regards,


Anne P. Swire

Foundation Advisor

Andre Sobel Award Coordinator

Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation



And to put the icing on the cake, I got a letter from the founder, Valerie Sobel herself!!!

It’s totally wonderful what you have done…we should have done this ourselves and perhaps still can. Help us with your ideas how we can incorporate into our online message…just slightly revised for our database.
Please accept my hug
And ❤️👏🏼❤️

Valerie Sobel pres. Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation www.andreriveroflife.org

What a worthy charity and it is easy enough for you to do a part by putting your email address in the pretty pink box with the hearts on the right of your screen….

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