God works at the DMV

I’m Legal!!!

Woot! Woot!!!

Not that I was driving on the low-low.

Ummmm, no, not me.


But now I’m legal.

After paying off over $500 of court fees.

And completing the $30 VASAP class  (yeah, I don’t even drink or smoke, no less use any other drugs but it was mandatory).

I finally borrowed a car and hitched myself up to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to take the written and driving test.

So there I am, quietly reviewing the driver’s manual, when my number is called unexpectedly fast.

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Like 10 minutes fast!

Up to the counter I go.

Paperwork check.

Eye check.

Photo taken.

And then she searches the computer…

…and searches the computer…

…and searches the computer.

She then asks me if I had ever had a license in Virginia.

Yes, Virginia is the only place that I have ever held a license.

So back to searching she goes.

I patiently wait while she is searching quietly humming My God is Awesome.

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And still she could not find where I am suppose to take the test.

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Eventually, she asks me who told me that I was suppose to take a driving test.

“I just assumed,” I reply.

I vaguely remember some rule that if you haven’t held a license for longer than a year, than you have to take a test.

So back to searching she goes.

And back to humming I go.

Finally, she prints out a paper and tells me to initial and sign.

I do and prepare to sit down to study some more when she says the magic words:

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“Your license will come in the mail in about 10 days. Have a nice day.”

I be all legal, y’all!

I be all LEGAL!!!

Thank you Department of Motor Vehicles VA!

Although I still get a little fidgety every time I see a cop.

Think I’ll ever shake those nerves?

Not that I was ever driving without a license.

Oh, no, not me…..

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