Get paid $18 by Appen to record using your smartphone

Appen is hiring U.S. born males

I have been hired as a recruiter for Appen to recruit male speakers to work on our US English Data Collection project.

The job is simply recording 1500 prompts using your smartphone.

The pay is $18.

Attention U.S. Born Males. Here's a super easy way to earn a quick $18 with your smartphone in your spare time.

Before being hired as a recruiter, I actually completed this assignment myself.

Once I got a basic understanding of what to do, the job was super easy.

Imagine if you were reading this sentence to be recorded.

  1. Read the phrase
  2. Record the phrase
  3. Check that the first few phrases recorded
  4. Click Save
  5. Repeat

And I just did that 1500 times.

I am not sure how long it took as I was taking cooking, walking the dog, and other breaks but I would say that the maximum would be about 2 hours, probably closer to just 1 hour.


  • Male
  • All speakers must have grown up in the US and have a clear US accent.
  • Have not completed this task before
  • Preference given to Android Devices
  • Ability to complete the task strictly following given instructions (it is not that hard, trust me)
  • Chrome browser on device

If you are qualified with this position, contact me at the queen katrina at gmail dot com

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