How I get Hulu Plus for FREE!!!

I haven’t paid for Hulu Plus for at least a year.

Yep, I get it absolutely free.

How I get Hulu Plus for FREE!!!

Well, actually, the only cost is about 10 – 15 minutes a day of my time and internet connection.

I earn credits which I cashout for a month’s worth of Hulu on

In just 15 minutes, I can complete the 15 PC searches, 10 Mobile searches, plus click on all of the Daily Offers.

So, approximately 30 Bing points per day in just 15 minutes.

Plus, staying Gold (doing more than 150 searches a month) gets me a 10% discount on any cashouts.

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When I started, Hulu Plus cost me just 420 Bing Points so I was able to get 2 months of Hulu Plus every month so I was racking up! Lol.

Several months ago, it was raised to 680, so now I can get 1 month of Hulu Plus every month with enough left over for a $5 Amazon gift car every 2 months.

So, Bing is how I get Hulu Plus for Free (ish). Do you know another way? Or even a way to get Netflix of Amazon Prime for free? I’m all ears….

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