General Hospital Tears

Jason Morgan

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General Hospital has me bawling this week.

Initially, I only tuned in because “Jason Morgan” was going to be on The Daily Buzz this morning and I wanted to get caught up on the newest storyline.

Who knew that it was going to be a gut wrenching sad one.

Come on…who but the most hard hearted wouldn’t be tearing up at the death of Jason’s son Jake.

After all that Jason has been through to keep that boy safe!!!

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I know….I know….I’m such a wuss….

Now we all sit on tenderhooks waiting to see who was driving the car that killed lil’ Jake.

Carly Corinthos

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Personally,  I think it was Carly, who was so distracted with concerns for her own child that she never noticed running over Jason’s.

Plus, now they have harvested lil’ Jake’s kidney to save the life of lil’ Josslyn Jakes, Carly’s daughter.

Ah, a vicious delicious cycle.

GH you have dragged me back in….

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