From PSAT to SAT and all in the 7th Grade!

JustĀ  so you know, this is going to be one of those pimping proud mama posts.

My Baby Girl is super, duper smart.

And I can prove it!

You see, she took the PSAT about six weeks into her 7th grade year and scored a respectable 36 in Mathematics and Writing Skills respectively.

I say respectively because these scores are versus 11th grade juniors who took the scholastic aptitude test.

Kids that are about the age of her oldest brother who is 4 years older than her and, thus, have four years more schooling.

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But the score that blew us out of the water was her Critical Reading score of 51.

This put her in the 73rd percentile and means that only 27% of Juniors cored equal or greater than she did.

Not bad for a kid in the 7th grade!

And because her scores are so high, she is the only 7th grader taking the SAT this January.

I am so proud of her and excited for her.

But I am not putting any pressure on her to do well on the SAT.

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After all, it will just be another practice session for her so that she will get a high score on theĀ  when she, herself, takes the test as a Junior in high school.

By the way, my theory on why she got such high scores is because she loves to read.

In fact, she is reading right now…

I kinda forgot today was an early release day. Lol.

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