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Now this is interesting.

Because I was just having a debate on the benefits of the iPhone vs the affordability of the iPod Touch.

And, basically, it all came down to the iPhone being, well, a phone too.

(Well, that, and the horrid reputation AT&T has for service despite its overinflated orange map commercials)

Now, things are about the be shaken up because NY Times is reporting on a application that can turn your iPod Touch into a phone.

Yep…a PHONE.

The application can also be used to add a second line to your iPhone but my interest is in the iPad or iPod Touch.

For a little $1 iPhone app, Line2 sure has the potential to shake up an entire industry. It can save you money. It can make calls where AT&T’s signal is lousy, like indoors. It can turn an iPod Touch into a full-blown cellphone. And it can ruin the sleep of cellphone executives everywhere.

Line2 gives your iPhone a second phone number — a second phone line, complete with its own contacts list, voicemail, and so on. … But that’s not the best part.

Line2 also turns the iPhone into a dual-mode phone. That is, it can make and receive calls either using the AT&T airwaves as usual, or — now this is the best part — over the Internet. Any time you’re in a wireless hot spot, Line2 places its calls over Wi-Fi instead of AT&T’s network.

That’s a game-changer. Where, after all, is cellphone reception generally the worst? Right — indoors. In your house or your office building, precisely where you have Wi-Fi.

Line2 also runs on the iPod Touch. When you’re in a Wi-Fi hot spot, your Touch is now a full-blown cellphone, and you don’t owe AT&T a penny.

But wait, there’s more.

Turns out Wi-Fi calls don’t use up any AT&T minutes. You can talk all day long, without ever worrying about going over your monthly allotment of minutes. Wi-Fi calls are free forever.

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The benefits of this is that you can now have the choice to downgrade your plan because if you are in a location with a wifi signal, your minutes won’t be used.

Line2 costs $10 month and yes, you can receive and send text messages as well and all without the obligation of a phone plan, or the expense of purchasing an iPhone for that matter.

The only concern is that it won’t operate on the iPad or iPod Touch when you are not in a hot zone. Instead, the calls will go to voicemail and you will receive an alert message. Text messages come through as soon as you enter a hot spot. Not overly convenient for talking on the go.

Also, it is a no-go on the picture and video messaging. For now, the program only supports text messages.

Have you tried this solution (or anything similar)?

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