Fast Fix to Roku XS connection error

Last week, I purchased a used Roku 2 XS off ebay for about $50 for myself my daughter and I couldn’t get it to connect to my wireless network.

Lo and behold, I found the answer rather quickly on Let’s Talk Tech (  Apologies but my hyperlink decided to be a turd today and I can’t remember how to hyperlink off the top of my head right now.

Press the Home Button rapidly 5 times.

Then the forward key.

The Play button.

The rewind key.

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The Play button again. 

And the forward key again.

If you do this correctly, it takes you to a super secret Roku screen.

Scroll down and click Disable network ping.

That’s it! 

After I did that, I was good to go with no issues.

If you still have issues, there is a second option involving updating your software but I had already used my cell as a hotspot to do that.

If you still have questions, I recommend leaving them on Let’s Talk Tech ’cause this chick here can’t help ya…

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Good Luck and Happy Streaming,




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