Entering Sweepstakes for a living

For years, I have been saying that I should enter sweepstakes for a living.

This month I decided to go for it!

I mean, everyone needs a hobby, right.

It is not that I have entered sweeps before and won big.

It is more like entering online sweepstakes is way cheaper than buying lottery tickets or playing bingo.

In fact, the only investment to enter the promotional giveaways is time.

Yet, although as of day, I have averaged entering at least one contest per day, I have one nada…zilch…a big fat zero….

To be fair, though, many of the giveaways that I entered haven’t even closed yet so fingers crossed!

I have developed somewhat of a strategy of only entering giveaways of things that I could use for the house, things that I can give to family and friends, things that I can flip and make a profit, Amazon gift certificates, and, of course, cold hard cash.

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I am not much into winning trips so I very rarely enter any of those unless they say that I can have the cash value instead.

I also skip on any sweepstakes that require work (hey, I’m laaazy) such a jingle contest or photo challenge.

Another very important strategy that I employed, and I highly recommend that you do this as well, was to open a separate email address to enter internet sweepstakes.

After all, you will be getting a lot of emails from the sweepstakes companies and you don’t want it clogging up your personal inbox.

Many companies allow you to register to win with your Facebook account but don’t worry, most of them allow you to change your email address even if you do utilize this method.

In fact, many sweepstakes use widget based giveaway programs such as Rafflecopter to make sweepstakes today even easier to enter.

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Plus, having your browser set up to auto-fill the information is a huge time saver if you are trying to enter as many new sweepstakes as quickly as possible.

Now, if you do decide to enter give away contests, you must be aware of the possibility of scams. (Scams on the internet! Shocking, right?!?!).

Be leery of foreign giveaways (which, even if legit, you may be ineligible for anyway) or from “government” or “national” organizations (google it), unsolicited emails that you have won but don’t even know your name, multiple typos in the notifications (especially from a big corporation or organization),  request for personal information such as your bank details (large wins may need your social security number but, again, google is your friend), and they won’t even give you a few hours to do research to make sure that they are legit (24 – 48 hours should be the bare minimum).

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So, how do I find all of these give away contests?

Well, I started off by just googling “giveaway” or, if I want to be more specific, I used “paypal giveaway” or “cash giveaway”.

I still occasionally do that, but I mostly just have the free giveaways delivered to my inbox by subscribing to Sweepstakes Advantage. (By the way, bloggers, you can enter your giveaway contests on this website absolutely free. When I did, my entries exploded!)

That being said, any of my fellow bloggers with branded giveaways that they feel might interest me (or my readers), feel free to post them in the following linkup and I guarantee that I will enter to win your cash and prizes.

Have a giveawy? Enter it here.

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P.S. I forgot to include an absolutely adorable movie (true story) named The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio, which is about 1950s housewife and mother of 10, Evelyn Ryan, who keeps her family afloat by entering sweepstakes starring Julianne Moore, and Woody Harrelson.

It was based on the book The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio: How My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less by Terry Ryan and Suze Orman.

Evelyn Ryan worked a lot harder to win her cash and prizes then I even want to contemplate today. She was so very talented and Julianne Moore did a wonderful job portraying her.

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