Elena can go on Vampire Diaries

My friend told me that Elena (Nina Dobrev) was thinking of leaving Vampire Diaries apparently for a real life love affair gone wrong with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and my big response was….~shrug~…

Elena is my least favorite of the female actresses on the show (Bonnie (Kat Grahambeing numero uno, then Caroline (Candice Accola)).

In fact, I have always said that Bonnie should be with Damon since the very beginning. And the actress sure has the chops to step up to the lead.

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And now I am rooting for Caroline and Stephen (why have I never seen this before?!?!).

I find Elena’s character wimpy and reminiscent of the “damsel in distress” of bygone television eras.

Even now, as a big bad vamp in her own right and she is just…eh….

The fact that she runs right to the danger before swooning “oh, Damon, saaaaaavvvvveee me” causes the eyes to roll to the back of my head every time.

To put it bluntly, she is Sookie-light (True Blood reference to the unimformed) and that was one lead character that I really wanted killed off her own show.

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So, Elena, please feel free to carry your tender feelings on over to The Originals or make another movie that I have never even heard of….or something…anything…maybe even beg the writers to make your character less of a useless characture and more of a true bad-ass in her own right.

Meanwhile, I am going to yell at Ian for a minute.

Ya know I love ya, boo…but playing these childish games of pitting one woman against another…yeah, that’s beneath you, babe.

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It is seriously lowering your stock, dude.

Brad Pitt, the most handsome man in the world, no longer makes my heart go pitter pat because of the way he treated ending his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

I’m just sayin….


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