Earl B. Bradley, Pedophile Pediatrician, sentenced to 14 life terms

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Image by Jason O'Halloran via Flickr

On Friday, August 26, 2011,  Superior Court Judge William C. Carpenter Jr.  sentenced the notorious pedophile pediatrician, Earl B. Bradley,  to 14 life sentences plus 164 years in prison.

The sentence was broken down this way: one life term for each of 14 first-degree rape counts, 124 years for five counts of sexual exploitation of a child and 40 years for five counts of second-degree assault.

Bradley was given the maximum possible sentence for raping or sexually abusing 86 children in attacks that he recorded and cataloged.

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“To make indescribable and horrific matters even worse, he videotaped these incidents for his own perverse pleasure, endlessly editing and copying, permanently memorializing his attacks on these children for his own twisted collection,”  said lead prosecutor Paula J. Ryan.

At age 58, Bradley is not eligible for probation, parole or early release.

As the judge told him, “You will serve the remaining years of your life in jail.”

The vast majority of Bradley’s victims were under 3 years old.

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Almost all of the victims that were identified were patients.

Read more of his disgusting exploits on Delaware Online.

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