Do you watch tv together as a family or separately?

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Currently, my family is down to just two televisions.

Not by choice, mind you, but because a few of them are broken.

This has forced us to watch more television as a family than in previous years.

My oldest pretty much forgoes television all together rather than watch it with us.

Yet, on the other end of the spectrum, sometimes my youngest will come watch television in the same room just because we are watching the exact same thing. (If only I could get her to remember to turn her tv off during the process. Lol.)


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The Middle child is a computer hog and can be found watching his shows online.

To be fair, though, since so many shows compete for the same time frame, I can be found watching a show or two online as well.

Hulu is my friend!

My curiosity is aroused however. Do you typical watch television as a family? How do you decide what to watch? How many tvs do you have in your home? Do you only allow your children to watch age appropriate shows? If so, do you (or did you) spend an inordinate amount of time watching say, Dora the Explorer? When watching “their” shows, do you find yourself doing other things such as being on the computer or housework? Do you put them to be early so that you can watch “your” shows?


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2 comments to Do you watch tv together as a family or separately?

  • We have too many tvs LOL but only one gets turned on every day. We used to sit as a family and watch tv together, now with a 20 month old we spend more time getting up to check what he's up to than actually watching anything so we don't do it as often as we used to.
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    • Queen Katrina

      Ahh, I remember so fondly the days of having a small child that needed to be constantly monitored. Lol. And then, as they got older, I would actually have conversations about whatever we were watching. A good conversation starter is actually The Simpsons, believe it or not.


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