Disappointed with Desperate Housewives

I finally caught the series finale of Desperate Housewives and…eh.

The lead up to the last two episodes was good but I wasn’t feelin’ how they wrapped it up.

Lynette Scavo

Lynette Scavo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was disappointed in the fact that they stated the fact that Lynette was not happy because she was…well, just not happy.

How stupid.

And why do I smell a male writer in that one?

Uhmm….Lynette was not happy because she was playing the role of a housewife (one of the few real housewives on the Lane) when her true calling is a hot shot CEO.

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She should have been the family breadwinner all along.

Tom would have been satisfied with a small business or a career that he could do from home.


And that scene with her running up to Tom…yeah, it was so typical of their relationship.

English: Actress Kathryn Joosten at Desperate ...

English: Actress Kathryn Joosten at Desperate Housewives Paley Fest, William S. Paley Center, Beverly Hills, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And then the trial….

Yeah, I saw the Karen save a mile away.

Come on…sick ol’ lady….

It would have been nice if they had thrown us a curb ball at the last moment…

Say like Orson ending up taking the fall.

I could buy into Carlos leaving his high power job for something more indicative of his nurturing personality.

But, as Gabby says, he is a shark and his shark personality would have taken over and he would be bringing in untold amounts of funds to whatever charity had the forethought to hire him.

And what about the missing kids?

What happened to them.

Tom’s daughter?

Gabby’s and Carlo’s daughter?

Paul/Mike’s son???? Other than rehab, that is…

But what I hated most of all was that the broke up The Team.

I can see them going and growing in their separate paths…

But too never keep in touch?!?!

Not even once per year for an annual picnic or poker?!?!

Nah, not buying it…

Not after all that the have been through over the past 8 seasons.

A few things that they did get right:

All of the ladies took their rightful place in the world as successful, happy woman.

Bree finally snagged herself a keeper in Scott Bakula (although they kissed like two sharks attempting to devour one another…not sexy…).

Ok, the politics thing was a curve ball but I can see it happening.

Micromanaging and false smiling is a Bree thing.

Susan lost and mourned Mike but continued on her life as a mother and grandmother.

Gabby finally finding her true inner self and becoming a successful clothing designer.

Lynette finally (FINALLY!) taking her rightful place as a CEO of a major international corporation.

And Renee even snagged her dream man…a man with just enough umph to keep up with her.

I even loved the touching scene of the ghosts saying goodbye as Susan left the lane…although I noticed a lack of Nicolette Sheridan…for legal reasons, I am told. lol.

And to leave us wanting more, as Susan is moving out of her home, the new owner is moving in…with a secret of her very own…

Wisteria Lane boring…Never!

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