Did you know that women secretly enjoy cleaning?

I was watching the Daily Buzz this morning and they did a story that secretly women like to clean.

The Daily Buzz

The Daily Buzz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Really, we do….?

Nobody told me!

Because I loathe cleaning with a p.a.s.s.i.o.n.!!!!!

I am with Kia Malone who says to just get your husband to do it.

Now all I need is a husband…

Any takers?

Andy did have a point when he says that their is a sense of satisfaction in having a clean house when others come over.

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Yeah, I get that one.

I prefer my house at least be relatively presentable when folks come a’callin’…

But what does it seem that I only get guests when my house is “tow up from the flo’ up”.

However, that just make cleaning a necessity not a fun time.

Enjoy folding laundry…

Washing dishes…

Mopping floors…

WTH were they thinking?!?

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13 comments to Did you know that women secretly enjoy cleaning?

    No we do not enjoy cleaning! *rolls eyes*
    My bf likes it more than me actually. Yey I might get a future husband who’s willing to take on the chores. mwahaha

    TBH I only clean because I find it sad that my priced possessions get ugly with dust & dirt. My awesome furniture covered in dust. My lovely linens dirty 🙁 *sigh*

    Everyday I clean & wipe dust and what do you know..it all comes back again the next day! *pulls hair*

    /endrant *lol*


  • Eds

    Lol! Nice post you got here.. I actually agree with you at some point. Sometimes, I feel that cleaning the house is a task that should be done and not really enjoyed especially if one is still living with her in laws. I usually do this every Sunday during may day-off from the office. But I rather blog than clean. lol! 🙂


    • MsKatrina

      I loathe cleaning. If I find a man that actually likes to clean (or can afford a maid!), I will probably marry him immediately! Lol.


    Interesting! I’m never aware of it. haha! Agreed, also think its a necessity not a fun time. Nice post! (:


  • Maybe some women really enjoy cleaning, and I think some men too. Or it depends on the person’s mood. I enjoy cleaning sometimes.


  • Rae

    [MARKED AS SPAM BY ANTISPAM BEE | Comment Language]
    Hahahaha. Na-scandalize ako sa title coz I DON’T like cleaning. Baka nagkakamali sila 😛 women like a clean house, but we don’t like cleaning. 😀


  • First of all , I just found your blog via the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog hop and I think you are hilarious. Second I completely agree with you about cleaning. I do it… because it is a necessary evil. Luckily I did marry a neat freak though- happy ending to that one!


  • haha. me too i don’t enjoy cleaning that’s why I always had a petty fight with my mom 🙂


  • Oh no! I hate cleaning! But I love living and doing things in a clean environment. I just hate it when the people who are living with me messes up the entire house1


    • MsKatrina

      That’s one of the reasons that I have always hated washing dishes. What I wouldn’t give for a home with a dishwasher other than ME!! Lol.


  • I’m with you! lol. I used to be a clean-house-clean-this-and-that….until I got tired at one point and I would hire someone to clean our place :/ I don’t know what changed but yeah, I still feel happy when the house is tidy…


  • House cleaning is a necessity, but it definitely is not anywhere on the list of my favorite things. I would gladly pass it on to anyone who loves it with a passion.


  • indeed this is a good hobby but for most people especially my mom she does not enjoy cleaning. Haha if someone is really enjoying it siguro very rare cases lang ito sa babae. my opinion lang naman 🙂


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