Did you know that they sell crickets on Amazon

Did you know that they sell crickets on Amazon?

This is one of those posts that I meant to write eons ago but I kept putting it on the back burner.

Now I really have no reason to write this post since I beloved pet chameleon, Triggy, passed away last November.

R.I.P. to our pet chameleon Triggy

I had to break the news to my son in college.

He was sad.

And so was I.

Me and our veiled chameleon were really starting to bond while he was off at George Mason.

Anyway ~sad sigh~ on to the purpose of this post that I really wished I had written while our Triggy was alive: Using Amazon to buy crickets online.

Before finding out that Amazon sells live crickets, I use to buy my reptile food from Petsmart or Petco (whichever was closer).

Buying 20 or 30 live crickets every two weeks got to be expensive (Triggy refused to eat dried crickets. She’d rather starve).

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Not to mention, inconvenient as both stores are about a 15 minute drive away.

While I was there, I would also purchase mealworms and superworms.

Other parts of Triggy’s diet included fruits and vegetables recommended on chameleon forums.

I was so excited to find out that Amazon sells feeder crickets.

And for a lot less than what I was paying at the retail stores.

Not to mention the convenience of having the crickets delivered straight to my door.

Did you know that you can purchase live crickets on Amazon?

The crickets for sale on Amazon come in a variety of sizes and package amounts.

Sizes are typically 1/4 inch (small), 1/2 inch (medium), 3/4 inch (medium large), and 1 inch (large).

Some cricket breeders even put the age of the crickets on the advertisement.

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The amounts range from 100  to 1000.

Anything less than 100 is probably not cost efficient.

You can even purchase crickets that are already gut loaded.

There is even purchases available for those of you lucky enough to have a reptile that will it dried crickets.

Not all cricket breeders are the same by the way.

My favorite Amazon cricket store turned out to be simply named Live Crickets.

I liked this seller because the crickets came packaged in a mesh box that prevented the crickets from escaping the hallowed hills of beneath my couch before I could get them into the cage or cricket keeper.

Hopefully, the seller has kept up this standard as anyone who has chameleons as pets can tell you the fun of chasing those lil’ buggers around your house or listening to their bragging chirp in the middle of the night if they managed to get away.

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What do crickets eat

For the most part, it is simplest to purchase the orange cube cricket food as it provides all the nutrients that the crickets need for themselves.

However, for the health of your chameleon pet, you may want to do some research on chameleon care and gut loading.

You can also purchase other necessities for your chameleon on Amazon such as meal worms. super worms, lizard cages, and reptile cage supplies.

Do you have a chameleon or other exotic pet? Do you go retail or shop online for your pet supplies? Have you ever purchased anything unusual from Amazon?

P.S. Does anyone know how to get rid of crickets? Its been months and I can still hear that one survivor taunting me!

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