Dell Latitude e6410

I recently purchased a Dell Latitude E6410 Notebook

off Ebay and after my squeal of joy when my new baby arrived, I found myself uber frustrated because it would not connect to my home wifi.

Heck, it wouldn’t even acknowledge that my home network even existed.

And since I purchased this for work, not being wifi ready was unacceptable.

But I am pleased to tell you after 2 days of research (and multiple confusing attempts to download the drivers directly from, I finally found a solution to my problem.

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And it so simple…

I am sure that there are other ways to do this but I just lucked on my way via trial and error and many a lost follicle of hair…

First, I went to Start.

Then I typed in the words Device Manager.

Now, the instructions that I was reading on the Dell forums told me to go to Network (mine says Network Adapter) and then right click on DW1520 Wireless-N WLAN Half-Mini Card but I didn’t have that anywhere to be found on my list.

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However, there where three devices under Other Devices that had a with an exclamation point (at least, that is what it looks like to me) so, with my laptop plugged directly into my router with an ethernet card, I proceeded to update each of the drivers.

Two of them were complete duds but lo-and-behold, with that last one, all of the wifi connections that were available around suddenly appeared on my screen.


And I am writing this fully connected to my home wifi network and chilling in my bed while watching Parenthood on on Netflix.

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I hope this helps the next person searching the web for a solution to this problem.

Please don’t ask me any questions because I do not know what I am doing and the only computer that I am willing to blow up in frustration is my own.

Good Luck and I will continue this notebook review of my Dell Latitude as I find more things to love (or hate).


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