Death to the Trinas

As if I don’t have enough to do moving Blog With Katrina to its new domain, this morning I just purchased a new domain for this blog too.

~drum roll please~

Sass Class

Don’t bother going over there ’cause there ain’t jack for you to read or do. Lol.

I just thought I better move the domain before I start doing any more serious branding, marketing,  and advertising.

I wanted a domain that was shorter than

I also wanted one that represented my spunky attitude (hm, is available?? Lol.) coupled with still being a lady and then a mommy.

You May Also Like:  OMG, why is the font so little?!?!

I mean the this theme is red for goodness sake.

Anyway, I like it.

And, no matter what, I’m not changing…ever.

Not even gonna look…Lol.

Although, I am looking for a new name for

Any suggestions?

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