Dear Samsung, Size does matter

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Phone--International Version (Blue)When Samsung came out with the Samsung Galaxy Note, I rushed right out to see just how big the 5.3 inches actually is…and discovered that it felt way too big in my hands….pass!

Then Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is purportedly thinner yet bigger at 5.5 inches.


Not bad but still a little big for my tastes.

But, man, do I ever want those dual screens.

And that S-pen wouldn’t hurt anything either.

Yet, still, it is a little too big….

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Now I am reading stories online that Samsung is coming out with the Samsung Note III as early as January/February of next year and, guess what…

Yeah,  if you are like me, you’ll be disappointed to know that instead of going more compact, Samsung’s genius idea is to go even bigger.

6.3 inch bigger.


Doesn’t Samsung realize that their is a whole market of folks who love the technology but hate the size of the Notes.

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Are they deliberately ignoring us?

Don’t they realize that the competition is just waiting to develop a similar technology in a more manageable size phone so they can swoop us up.

Read the blog posts and video reviews, Samsung, and realize what your consumers are waiting for…because size does matter!

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