Deadbeat Dad Does Time

The poster boy for deadbeat dads has been jailed.

~pause to wait for all the cheering from managing on a minimum moms~

ABC News reports that the father of 23 children, Howard Veal of Michigan, has been sentenced to 23 – 48 months in jail for failure to pay child support.

According to court records, in his 44 years of life, Mr. Veal has accumulated a debt of more than $533,000 in child support  payments.

In the last seven years, Veal reportedly paid less than a total of $90 for two of his children’s upkeep.

Sherri Black, the mother of two of Veal’s children ages 16 and 11, wrote in a letter that it’s heartbreaking to choose between shoes and rent.

Of the more than $63,000 owed to Ms. Black,  Mr. Veal was told  to pay 10 to 100 % of the child support owed in exchange for reduced charges. By late August, Mr. Veal had paid nothing.

“In my entire career I have never seen a case like this where so much was owed to so many and ignored,” Kent County Judge Dennis Leiber, who has presided over support cases for more than 20 years, told ABC News.

“You are the poster child for irresponsibility,” Leiber told Veal at a court hearing, according to The Grand Rapids Press. “You’re an insult to every responsible father who sacrifices to provide for their children.”

What’s even more disgusting is that not only does Mr. Veal live off his current girlfriend and the four children they have together. But, he also admitted in court to be the father of 15 children by 12 different women but he could not remember them all.

Wait? Did you do the math?

Because he sure didn’t.

Later reports from the courts proved that he fathered 23 children with 14 different women.

Was his goal to get into the  Guinness Book Of World Records for the worst father ever.

Michigan Assistant Attorney General Mitchell Wood wrote the judge to seek sentencing beyond the guidelines.

“The Attorney General’s Child Support Division has prosecuted thousands of felony nonsupport cases since its inception, but none as outrageous as this. For a decade, between 1989 and 1999, the defendant impregnated at least one woman every single year.”

Disgustingly enough, there are people out there defaming the judge for putting this loser behind bars.

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The argument is that he can’t possibly support the children behind bars.

Hello? That’s the reason he is behind bars…he wasn’t supporting his children.

The further argue the effect of the economy.

That’s not going to fly either because this man has only paid $90.


We’re not talking about a man who was scrimping and scrambling to pay the best that he could…

We are talking about a stone cold dead beat!

And we know one thing with this loser locked up in jail.

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He won’t be making anymore babies for the next year or so!!!

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5 comments to Deadbeat Dad Does Time

  • GMcCasland

    Now that we’ve had a few days of moaning, groaning, and pounding of chest over Howard Veal, the World’s #1 Deadbeat Dad, perhaps it is time to ask an insignificant question: How many of those 23 children have Howard Veal actually fathered?


    • Queen Katrina

      If I'm not mistaken, they did a paternity test and Howard Veal is indeed the father. The blame is shared equally by him and the women that continued to lie down with him after he wasn't paying child support for his first child.


      • GMcCasland

        Nope, he didn't take the tests on any of them. You cannot force a man to take the test, and when he refuses, they just enter a default order. One unfortunate habit I've seen among black men in general is they they don't trust the system, but the system can protect them from being sue for retroactive support when they had been paying all along. A good example of this is in California, right now.

        David Bren paid the mother of his children $16,000 a month in child support for David Bren, age 18 and Christie Bren, age 22. However, he did so without a court order. The child, who are now adults, successfully sued for 18 years of retroactive child support, demanding $134 million because anything paid without a court order is a gift, regardless of evidence. This happens frequently to black fathers. There is a case in Texas where the man paid, by check, for 5 years, but he has now been ordered to pay $50,000 even though he has already paid $40,000.


  • Jeanette

    Wow! I thought I had it bad being owed almost $13,000 for my beautiful daughter! I feel for every custodial parent who has to deal with a dead-beat parent. I truly believe that there need to be consistent laws across the U.S. If the noncustodial knew he/she couldn't escape the duties of being a responsible parent by going to another state, it would certainly help. For all of us frustrated parents out there I hope that some day we will get the results that we deserve, until then we make do with what we have.


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