Dead by Cop Blocking

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Wow, I was really sad to read this story although I think it probably happens way to frequently than is reported.

On Monday, August 30, 2010, FoxNews reported that a little girl died before she could get to the hospital because the family was stopped by someone they suspect to be a member of law enforcement.

Allegedly the cop would not let them proceed even though it was evident that Briana (age 11) was clearly in physical distress.

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The NYC is trying to determine if the man was a cop, auxiliary officer, traffic agent or private security guard. The car the man got out was marked and he was wearing a uniform.

The witness who attempted to perform CPR on the child is sure that the man is a police officer.

(The officer refused to do CPR on the child.)

Little Briana Ojeda died but at least her mother Carmen was spared the ticket this cop was writing her while she waited anxiously for news on her daughter.

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He tore it up.

What a guy!

Reports on the NY Daily News are that the police officer has been identified and suspended

I guess this story hit close to my heart because my lil’ girl is eleven and I can put myself in that mother’s shoes.

And I am thankful for every morning that I do not have too.

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