Dead beat dads don’t have to pay child support


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After church yesterday, I was over my friend’s house and we was giggling and gossiping the way that we are wont to do.

I forget what we were talking about but she says to me, “you know signed a law making it illegal for dead beat dads to go to jail for not paying child support”.


Stop the presses.

Rewind and repeat.

Obama did what?!?!

“Yeah,” she continues, “they were saying that it was costing too much money to keep putting them in jail”.

So, they don’t want the custodial parent to receive child support yet she better not be on welfare either.

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Makes sense to me.

Let me let you in on the the conversations that I hear in the hood.

“Hey, what’s up, D. Where you been. Haven’t seen you in a minute. Where you been?”

“Dog, that b**tch got me put in jail for not paying my child support.”

“For real. They ain’t playing’. I make sure that I pay at least a little something on mine every month.”

And, guess what, dear wealthy people, sometimes just a “little something” means that the mother does not have to choose between a new coat for the kid to stand at the bus stop or paying the gas bill so that they can have heat!

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My friend told me to google it and although I have yet to find anything saying that Obama signed any such bill, I did find a bunch of whiners with a petition to stop the jail punitive.

They say that having the dad in jail doesn’t help the mother because then he can’t pay child support.

Ok, pay attention, because I am going to say this real, real slow for them.










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Get it, now?

We are not talking about the parent that pays what he can or what is court ordered.

A dead beat dad pays nada. Zip.

A half a cup of dibbly. A half a cup of squat.

Take away their license?

They are most likely riding dirty anyway.

Attach their tax refunds.


They owe so they don’t even bother to file.

Stop b.s.’ing and go ahead and make child support evasion a federal offense.

And keep putting those nonpayers in jail.

Problem effing solved!

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6 comments to Dead beat dads don’t have to pay child support

  • chinren

    I can see your point, really, but I can't agree.

    However putting them in jail isn't going to get any money out of them, and will even reduce the chance of getting it in the future, as they will be less employable with a record. I'd prefer to concentrate on only dangerous people being locked up.

    Also it means the taxpayer is paying for them.

    Why not just take a certain amount of cash directly out of their paycheck? Okay, it's not going to work if they're self employed, but I doubt most would be. If they aren't employed, then take some from their welfare.

    Throwing people in jail isn't going to help anyone.


    • Have you ever been privy to a conversation by a dead beat parent. I have…They are spiting the kid to hurt the woman (or man) but if they are going to be hurt (ie, jail), guess what, they find the money.

      It may never help Jimmy the jailbird but it will be a lesson to his son and his son's son…and his son's son's son….and to the dead beat neighbor…

      Again, I am not talking about those who are trying to pay.

      To me, a dead beat is one who will never pay unless forced.

      Case in point, my stepfather never paid child support, even said to my ex-husband that he won't file taxes because he didn't want to support my mom, never mind his daughter…but guess what, as soon as the judge used the JAIL word, guess who suddenly found some money!


  • Please don't get me started. Dead beat dads have been one of my pet peeves for so long you'd think I could let it go. Thanks for visiting.
    God Bless!


  • Alura

    I'll offer a different perspective. I'm a woman who pays child support. Even though I have never been a deadbeat, the worker on my case has threatened me from the very beginning with all sorts of punitive actions. For the record, you can be charged with a FEDERAL FELONY for not paying child support. I know men who owe tens of thousands in back child support and have no action taken against them but even though I pay, my ability to get a passport is "on hold" and when I asked about it, I was told it was "standard procedure" but I know men who don't pay and they can get a passport any time they want one. I can't get student loans or grants, either, until my support obligation has ended, even though that would potentially increase my income (and, therefore, the amount of money I could pay in support).

    Here's the kicker, for the 2 decades I have known my now-ex husband, he has worked for a total of about 4 months and that was last winter. He never worked while we were married (he was a stay-at-home dad) even after our child went to school, he never looked for work. He recently had to move in with his mother because he doesn't have a job. Yet, "the system" views ME as "the bad guy" and threatens me with license suspension and being reported to the credit bureaus on the regular if the payment doesn't show up the minute they think it should. If I get a federal felony on my record, I'll lose the ability to get pretty much any job or to rent an apartment. If I get reported to the credit bureaus, the can impact my ability to get a job and rent an apartment. Why these sanctions are not applied equally across the board confuses me. I would never even consider ruining my life because I wanted to spite my ex (and I know that's the reason a lot of deadbeat dads don't pay).

    And no, I didn't LOSE custody (we have joint custody, actually, he is the primary custodial parent, though). The child wanted to be with Dad and I respected that. But I feel that rather than dogging my happy heiny, maybe "the system" should start pressuring Dad to step up and contribute to the support of his child, you know, the one who LIVES WITH HIM (who is, thankfully, almost 18).


    • Ah, man, that sucks. I hate how they come down on the parents who are at least trying to do the right thing, male or female. But, that's the government for you in a nutshell. It is a system that is designed for people who try to improve their lot in life to fail. Even the welfare system punishes those who are trying to get out of the so called "entitlement" system. Why aren't politicians addressing the real issues of the real people.


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