Damon Wayans sets the bar

I am having yet another epiphany.

This one is about love and romance and is due to the lovely Wendy Williams.

Today, on Wendy was the comedian Damon Wayons.

You might remember him from In Living Color or My Wife and Kids.

That Damon Wayans never attracted me.

In fact, I actually told one of my friends that the character “Michael” from My Wife and Kids would be perfect for her.

But as Damon sat on the couch, my epiphany started to unfurl.

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I could actually picture living my ideal life with him.

Both sitting at our respective computers, he working on his next project, me working on my blog.




Every now and then a youngun would peak his or head in for a quickly answered inquiry but otherwise knowing not to disturb.

Only occasionally getting all dolled up to go publicize his work but life mostly spent in the tranquility of a quaint home in easy commute of a city.

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Anyway, I digress…

The point of his interview on Wendy Williams was to market his new book, Red Hats. I have put this book on my list of must reads and I think he has a great success on his hands.

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The way I understood the book (remarkably written in a woman’s voice) is that it begins with an estranged couple being quite verbally cruel to one another. Unfortunately, the wife’s last cruel words, I hope you die in your sleep, come true and she is wrecked with grief and guilt. That is until you meets the ladies of the Red Hat Society who help her learn peace, self-confidence, and how to love again.

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