Cut The Cord

If you are tired of (or plain ol’ can no longer afford) the high price of cable television, there is a movement going around called cutting the cord.

The cable cord, that is…

I have been cable free since at least 2011 (not real sure of the real date) and I have been happy about it for at least two years yet.

But don’t I miss the shows, you ask?

Kinda but not really.

How so? is your next question.

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Well, I pretty much can watch almost any television show (legally, at that) from almost every station by combining Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime with my Roku streaming box.

So the only money that Cox gets out of me is the money to pay my unlimited high speed internet…money they were getting anyway being as I work from home, right.

With these 4 services, my “cable” bill is now only $271/year.

Yep, that’s a year…

What’s that…the bill for just a month or so of cable.

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