Crowded is NOT a crowd pleaser

Hello my Halos,

I was just wondering if you’ve started watching the NBC show Crowded yet?

And, if so, were you just as confused as to why they even made this show as I am?

OK, so the premise of Crowded is that just when a middle-aged couple has gotten over there empty nest syndrome, back comes their millennials needing a place to stay and turning their party pad back into a crowded house.

Is NBC's Crowded the most crowd pleasing show on tv today?

First, the drag out all of the personality cliches:

  • Clueless Dad (Patrick Warburton)
  • Wannabe Hip Mom (Carrie Preston)
  • Slutty daughter (Mia Serafino)
  • Socially inept, nerdy daughter (Miranda Cosgrove)
  • Sassy, older black woman (Stacy Keach)
  • Grumpy, withholding father (Carlease Burke)

And not only are the characters banal, we’ve already been there, seen that with the locales:

  • kitchen
  • bedroom
  • living room
  • bar

Rinse. Recycle. And repeat.

And speaking of repeating what we’ve already seen many, Many, MANY times before

  • Same joke setups
  • Same joke punchlines
  • Same middle class problems
  • One liners that are not funny…at all…

Patrick Warburton plays the same character  in every show and with the same dry delivery. That stuff gets stale if you’ve been watching him on tv for years.

The daughter characters were poorly thought out and cast.

And the mother, well, she manages to be both ridiculous, irritating, and boring all at the same. It takes an amazing actress to pull that off and I have loved Carrie Preston since meeting her on True Blood. Actually, I was hoping that her next role would be a spin-off of her character, Elsbeth Tascioni, on the Good Wife. Love, love, love her character on there.

Anyway, the fact that this is yet another recycled sitcom is not what bothers me most about this show. What irritates me most is the thought that parents would let their kids move back into their home and rearrange their lives so that the kids can be comfortable. Hello? And you wonder why your ungrateful kids never want to move out?!? Not only should you treat them the way you treated them when they were kids, you should treat them worse.

Chores and Errands

I can understand them not having to pay rent (at least until they get a  job) but my house should always be clean without my having to lift a finger. All those errands that I don’t want to do. Yeah, guess who’s going to be doing them now.

Friends and Family

Let’s start with no one, not even the kiddos, would have a key to my house. Especially not the in-laws.

And sleep-overs for the interlopers. Oh, heck-to-the-naw. I don’t care how old you are, bringing a stranger to your parent’s house for sex is just plain ol’ disrespectful. Yay, I said it.

Time To Go

There would definitely be a time limit on how long you can stay with me. You need to get a job and get out. Quick!

Everyone needs a goal to strive towards and if they aren’t willing to set one, allow me to set one for them.

Life is Tough

Life is hard for all of us. That is one lesson that all parents need to teach there kids. And what would happen if you didn’t have mommy and daddy to depend on. Would you starve? Live homeless? Or, perhaps would you rent a room or get room-mates? Take a crap job just to pay the bills. Y’know…like adults.

But maybe I’m alone here? Too many episodes of Dr. Phil, perchance? Have you watched the show Crowded? Does it make sense to you? Am I being too harsh on the trend of the “come back kids”? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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