Congratulations 2014 High School Graduates

Congratulations to all 2014 Graduates.

You did it!!


But, most especially, congratulations to my own two high school graduates.

I loved this graduation cake that I got them from Food Lion.


Glad I snapped a quick pick as soon as I brought it home because they tore into the thing.

I haven’t bought any sweets in a while.

Check out the before graduation picture.


And the after graduation pictures.

wpid-20140616_171124.jpgDespite his, admittedly true, statements about how hot is, I think somebody just wanted everybody to see his suit swagger.

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My oldest son barely had any white space on his diploma and 4 chords and a stole around his neck.


Plus the breeze gave us just a tease of his sweet suit.

That’s two down, one to go for me.

Woot! Woot!!

Proud mama over here!!

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