Sex is choosing your “Baby Daddy”

Pregnancy in the 26th week.
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Ladies, are you really conscious of the fact that any time that you lay down with a man, you are, in fact, choosing your baby daddy.

Despite what the world may tell you, the only 100% sure birth control is abstinence.

There are many a “condom” or “pill” baby walking the earth today.

And there are many a man that has flipped the script once you spill the beans that you are pregnant.

Don’t believe me?

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Take a quick walk over to your local juvenile court and peek in on the mothers having to get their mouths swabbed to prove paternity.

So, just what do you know about that man you are about to spend the rest of your life engaging with.

Does he already have children?

If so, does he provide more than adequately for them?

Or is he spending his money paying for the ride that you and he are bumping around in looking all fly while his children are on welfare?

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How does he treat the baby’s mother?

His mother?

His sisters?

Women in general?

Because you best believe that though he may be treating you like his Queen now, that can instantly change with emergence of pink on your pregnancy stick.

(My pardon to those offended by the ebonics. Sometimes, you just have to speak their language…)

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