Child Support Intercept Taken By Tanf

My ex called me whine, er, tell me that Child Support Enforcement had snatched his tax return for child support.

Child support groups

Child support groups (Photo credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development)

I politely commiserated while inside doing a dance of glee (ok, I was wiggling around in my chair a bit too but he couldn’t see that through the phone. Lol.)

Forward to weeks later when I am checking my balance and up pops a payment that is only 1/10 of what he says was taken.

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Calling my local CSE, I found out that the have snatched 9/10 of my check to pay back the TANF that I was forced to be on years ago.


I may have not been so mad if I had been given a heads-up in advance.

I might not have been so mad if they had split the check 50/50.

I probably wouldn’t have been so vexed if they had billed him separately and not coxed it under the guile of “child support”.

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As it is, I was (and still am) highly miffed.

I felt like I was billed for his inability to pay child support at the time.

I feel as if they used me to collect the debt rather than just, well, collecting the debt.

And, of course, who is suffering the most from this action…

…that’s right, the children…

Most specifically, my boys who are suppose to be going off to college.

The college who charge enrollment deposits.

Enrollment deposits which are not covered by financial aid (believe me, I checked!).

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I said it before and I will say it again, welfare is a system designed to keep the recipients on welfare.

And I am glad and proud everyday that God gave me the wherewithal to pull myself up and out of  the pit of a trap.


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