Crowded is NOT a crowd pleaser

Is NBC's Crowded a crowd pleasing show?

Hello my Halos,

I was just wondering if you’ve started watching the NBC show Crowded yet?

And, if so, were you just as confused as to why they even made this show as I am?

OK, so the premise of Crowded is that just when a middle-aged couple has gotten over there empty nest syndrome, back comes their millennials needing a place to stay and turning their party pad back into a crowded house.

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What a luke-warm Scandal

Scandal: Heavy is the Head, Season 5 season premiere

Alright, Gladiators, it is that time of the year again.

I know you had the date marked on your calendars for months now.

Thursday was the Season 5 season premiere of Scandal.

It is time for Heavy is the Head.

(Warning: This post may contains spoilers!!!)

When we left them last season:

Huck (Guillermo Díaz) had just murdered a . . . → Read More: What a luke-warm Scandal

M. Night Shyamalan defends his version of The Last Airbender

M. Night Shyamalan defends his version of The Last Airbender in an interview with IGN.

M. Night is proving once again that he doesn’t understand the movie going audience and especially not the fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender

“It’s really weird because on the show the average age was, like, nine-years-old,” the director said. “My child was nine-years-old. So you could make it one of two ways. You could make . . . → Read More: M. Night Shyamalan defends his version of The Last Airbender

Scandal: Ride, Sally, Ride

Despite the constant Twitter reminders and countdowns, I completely spaced on the fact that there was a brand new Scandal released.

Kerry Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And to top it all off, I wasn’t very psyched to watch it because one of my besties said that it was boring and that she fell asleep watching it.

Yeah, she must have really been sleepy because it was good.

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