Scandal: Ride, Sally, Ride

Despite the constant Twitter reminders and countdowns, I completely spaced on the fact that there was a brand new Scandal released.

Kerry Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And to top it all off, I wasn’t very psyched to watch it because one of my besties said that it was boring and . . . → Read More: Scandal: Ride, Sally, Ride

Workout to throbbing loins

This is a super-cute idea that is being posted on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

It is a workout while you read program for us readers of romance and/or erotica fare.

A few examples are if the author writes that a character has a “love grotto” well, then, it is . . . → Read More: Workout to throbbing loins

Quitting in 2013

Am I the last one to see these videos?



This Lady quits her job quit publicly.

But this one is the video that resonates with me.

Mom’s can quit too?

(function(){function pw_load(){ if(arguments.callee.z)return;else arguments.callee.z=true; . . . → Read More: Quitting in 2013

Paid: Swagbucks

Hey past, present, and future Swaggernauts,

I’ve been paid by Swagbucks again.

Yep, I got that $25.00 in my Paypal.

If you are not aware, Swagbucks in one of the premier loyalty programs that pays you to search, watch videos, or even play games.

. . . → Read More: Paid: Swagbucks

Coats for Kids (Families)

WAVY-TV 10′s Coats for Families

Distribution Locations

**Only one coat per person**

January 12, 2012

9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Hampton YMCA 1322 LaSalle Avenue Hampton, VA 23669

Newport News Family YMCA 7827 Warwick Boulevard Newport News, . . . → Read More: Coats for Kids (Families)

How Black Hair Matters

It is a well known fact in my household that I get excited whenever I see a black woman on television or in a movie and she is rocking her natural hair.

I can’t help but think of how the world has changed in just my lifetime.

I actually . . . → Read More: How Black Hair Matters

From PSAT to SAT and all in the 7th Grade!

Just so you know, this is going to be one of those pimping proud mama posts.

My Baby Girl is super, duper smart.

And I can prove it!

You see, she took the PSAT about six weeks into her 7th grade year and scored a respectable 36 . . . → Read More: From PSAT to SAT and all in the 7th Grade!

The Office: Andy or Michael?

I am officially throwing my hat in the ring on the Andy vs Michael debate on The Office.

Image via Wikipedia

And I am officially a fan of Andy.

Andy has all of the charm of Michael without much of the naricissism.

In other words, he . . . → Read More: The Office: Andy or Michael?

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