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My ex called me whine, er, tell me that Child Support Enforcement had snatched his tax return for child support.

Child support groups

Child support groups (Photo credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development)

I politely commiserated while inside doing a dance of glee (ok, I was wiggling around in my chair a bit too but he couldn’t see that through the phone. Lol.)

Forward to weeks later when I am checking my balance and up pops a payment that is only 1/10 of what he says was taken.

Calling my local CSE, I found out that the have snatched 9/10 of my check to pay back the TANF that I was forced to be on years ago.


I may have not been so mad if I had been given a heads-up in advance.

I might not have been so mad if they had split the check 50/50.

I probably wouldn’t have been so vexed if they had billed him separately and not coxed it under the guile of “child support”.

As it is, I was (and still am) highly miffed.

I felt like I was billed for his inability to pay child support at the time.

I feel as if they used me to collect the debt rather than just, well, collecting the debt.

And, of course, who is suffering the most from this action…

…that’s right, the children…

Most specifically, my boys who are suppose to be going off to college.

The college who charge enrollment deposits.

Enrollment deposits which are not covered by financial aid (believe me, I checked!).

I said it before and I will say it again, welfare is a system designed to keep the recipients on welfare.

And I am glad and proud everyday that God gave me the wherewithal to pull myself up and out of  the pit of a trap.


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{March 4, 2014}   Scandal: Ride, Sally, Ride

Despite the constant Twitter reminders and countdowns, I completely spaced on the fact that there was a brand new Scandal released.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And to top it all off, I wasn’t very psyched to watch it because one of my besties said that it was boring and that she fell asleep watching it.

Yeah, she must have really been sleepy because it was good.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the latest tv series episodes on or find them on abc online episodes.



So much happened on Scandals latest episode.

That heifer Sally decided to continue her run for President against Fitz even though she killed her husband at the end of last season.

How’d she get away with that, you ask?

One word: Cyrus.

Need I say more.

I never really trust “Super” Christians.

She has herself convinced that “the devil made her do it”.

Oh, no, boo-boo, the devil may have whispered it in your ear but the act of killing was all you.

And did I mention that she is running against Fitz while still maintaining her position and power as the Vice-POTUS.

And Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia… yeah, her Dear Ol’ Dad pretty much declared war on her if she stays with the President.

“…and the greatest weapon I could use against him calls me ‘dad’.”

Can you get any clearer (or menacing) than that?

Speaking of the President…I still cannot express to you enough how much I actively dislike him.

Seriously, he threw his glass at Cyrus.

And picking a running mate that was “loyal” to him…yeah, right.

He picked a carbon copied, selfish playboy mirror image of himself.

The one thing Sally got right was calling him out on being a man-child.

Taking the reigns that Fitz has once again dropped in his self-destructive pursuit of Olivia, my girl Mellie once again pushed her pride aside and sat down with a public meal with her once best friend Olivia.

I admire how Mellie keeps it all together even though we know in her heart of hearts she really just wants to shank a bitch. LMFAO.

She point blank tells Olivia that she has to get herself a beau because she has screwed up by well, screwing her hubby.

Speaking of screwing, Cyrus’ husband is hell bent on screwing him over.

I, for one, saw that coming when Cyrus threatened to take the baby if he ever leaves him.

Now he is working with David to bring down pretty much the whole team.

Speaking of working against, our Baby Huck Quinn is slipping further and further down the rabbit hole working hard to earn a place in B16.

But despite what others say, I think she’s just trying to earn Olivia’s trust back by going where the others dare not go.

There was so much going on in this episode that I am probably going to have watch it again before this week’s.

Let me know if I missed any salient points.

Scandal on!



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I may be a bit behind but I just found out about the website

Now the purely shallow have a place to call home! Lol.

I don’t really care but I am wondering how the define beauty, even if it is only physical.

My best bet is that it is purely on the European American standard of beauty.

In other words, white folks.

I based that solely on the photos that I can see on the homepage and on the calendar.

Skinny white folks (or skinny ethnicities that have predominately white features such as long hair and a skinny nose).

Would someone as obviously beautiful as Queen Latifah or Lauryn Hill even make the list?

Beauty, even physical beauty,  comes in many shapes and sizes.


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{November 28, 2013}   Tweevip is a Twitter Scam

I don’t know how they found.

Probably because I twitted that I have always wanted to be an extra.

Or, possibly they just targeted me from someone’s twitter list.

The possibilites are too mind staggering for me to contemplate this early in the morning.

And googling them turned up nothing relevant but this one article which clearly states that they are a scam.

This reporter actually went into the call of duty to find out all the details about this so-called company.

Why Did 9,000 Porny Spambots Descend on This San Diego High Schooler?

I highly recommend giving it a once over to see how easy it is for scammers to find you on twitter.

But the most important thing to know is to not even bother signing up with Tweevip.

~Ms Crooked Halo


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{December 14, 2012}   Dear Samsung, Size does matter

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Phone--International Version (Blue)When Samsung came out with the Samsung Galaxy Note, I rushed right out to see just how big the 5.3 inches actually is…and discovered that it felt way too big in my hands….pass!

Then Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is purportedly thinner yet bigger at 5.5 inches.


Not bad but still a little big for my tastes.

But, man, do I ever want those dual screens.

And that S-pen wouldn’t hurt anything either.

Yet, still, it is a little too big….

Now I am reading stories online that Samsung is coming out with the Samsung Note III as early as January/February of next year and, guess what…

Yeah,  if you are like me, you’ll be disappointed to know that instead of going more compact, Samsung’s genius idea is to go even bigger.

6.3 inch bigger.


Doesn’t Samsung realize that their is a whole market of folks who love the technology but hate the size of the Notes.

Are they deliberately ignoring us?

Don’t they realize that the competition is just waiting to develop a similar technology in a more manageable size phone so they can swoop us up.

Read the blog posts and video reviews, Samsung, and realize what your consumers are waiting for…because size does matter!

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Y’all are just gonna have to forgive any grammatical or typographical errors in this post.

Robbery not allowed

Robbery not allowed (Photo credit: Arenamontanus)

I am just so steamed up that my mind is going faster than my fingers can type.

I do not live in the the best neighborhood to begin with.

Yet, I have lived here 10 years ad had nary a bit of trouble.

That is, until this summer.

It started out with my friend’s two daughters being jumped.

And by a group of girls, of only one that lives in the neighborhood.

And eventhough my friend called the police from this girl’s residence, the police have yet to do nothing…nada…bubkiss..

And then my teen son walked to see his girlfriend and got mugged!!!

I had never even heard of anyone getting mugged in this neighborhood before.

(And I think that he got mugged twice but just does not want to say anything because I tend to “over-react”.)

To add insult on top of injury, my kids were walking to the Child Life program on Saturday and they said that they were being followed by two grown men.


I am not a fighter but if I catch anyone bothering my kids, somebody is is getting a butt whopping.

And you can call this premeditated all that you want.

I call it a mother f@cking warning!!!

I stand between my kids and trouble.

It is my God given duty to protect the offspring that the Lord has given me.

Til death…if necessary….

Even though my lease is not up yet, I have already started trolling for a new place to live.

A quiet street in a quiet neighborhood.

I even gave my landlord heads up yesterday so he can either find me something or kiss my derriere good bye.

My kids are good kids.

No trouble.

Excellent grades.

God loving.

My friend’s kids are also good kids.

I think that they are going after the good kids for some reason.

Maybe they are trying to swell the ranks of the neighborhood “gang”.

I don’t know.

This is just mere speculation on my part.

All I know is that John Law needs to step in now before it becomes som

ething more serious and hard to put down.

Funny thing is, my neighborhood is smack dab in the middle of two affluent neighborhoods so why wouldn’t they want to stop the trouble now before it travels across those invisible borders.

Meanwhile, I am doing two things.

I am rebuking and cancelling the plans of the devil on the life of my kids.

And I am preparing to haul butt to a safer neighborhood.









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I may be the only person in the world that feels this way but I absolutely hate Apple.

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

About two years ago, I was so excited to purchase an Apple iPod Touch.

Everybody was raving about how wonderful Apple products are and saying that once you buy one, you’ll be hooked to Apple forever.

Bull effing squat.

1. First off, you can’t even walk out the store using your Apple product (I got mine from a Radio Shack so I am not sure if this is so if you buy directly from Apple).

Nope, you have to have a computer on which you can download that stupid and useless iTunes program.

Good thing that I had just had my internet turned on, huh?

So stupid.

I wanted to play with it on my way home  (all you see is a big ol’ Apple when you turn it on).

2. Did I mention that I hate iTunes.

It slows down my computer something horrible.

I don’t have the world’s fastest computer to begin with but having iTunes makes it drag like I am using dial up.

3. Want to upgrade you Apple iPod Touch memory. Ok…buy another iPod….because you cannot add an SD card or Flash drive. Nope, you are stuck with what you have internally.  Oh, and those GBs fill up rather more quickly than you can even anticipate.

4. Stupid passwords. I love my Google Play. If it is free, no password required. Yet, stupid Apple seems to think that I need to enter a password every freakin’ time. And, what makes it worse…it just told me that the password that I reset not 10 minutes ago….and wrote down….is not the correct password?!?! And why can’t it just remember the password for me!?!?

5. I just heard on The Daily Buzz that businesses have determined that people who buy certain products (ahem. Apple computers) are more likely to pay more. Ie, go to the library and use their windows computer to book that hotel room. I’m just sayin’….

English: Apple iPod touch and plastic stand.

English: Apple iPod touch and plastic stand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. You can’t change the battery. Although I think this one is pretty much universal on all “tablet” type devices. But I think I heard that you can’t even change the battery on the iPhone either. I have never had a device where doing a hard start by removing the battery has not been necessary even occasionally. Even on my Blackberry Playbook, I have had to drain the battery entirely and then recharge it for a hard boot. Not being able to take out the battery right quick sucks all around for tablet devices.

7. Apple thinks that it is so intuitive that it shouldn’t even bother providing instructions on how to do stuff.  I don’t know how many times I have yelled at my iPod because it wasn’t intuitive to me. Frankly, I think they should take the darn thing to a nursing home and let some 65+ people try to work it without any assistance and when it gets to the point that they can do it, well, then maybe so can I.  I guess at the ripe ol’ age of almost 38, I am not Apple’s target audience. My 16-year-old wiz kid must be.

That’s ok, though, Apple. Google will take my money for a product that works quite simply.  You keep going after the market of my unemployed kid, ok.

Oh, wait, he no longer wants an iPhone either.

Uh oh….

To prove my point, I am downloading the same app to my Google Plus phone and my iPod Touch. Google Plus was done, signed in, and running in 15 minutes. It has been two hours, and I still have not gotten the app on my iPod.

Do you see my problem?

Because you won’t be seeing anymore of my money!!!

I will never buy another Apple product as long as I live.

The only way another Apple will be registered to me is if someone gives me one FREE.

I sometimes love my Apple iPod.

Mostly when I am simply using it and not actually trying to do anything.

Read a book on Kindle.

Watch a video on Youtube.

Simple Stuff.

It is the perfect size to slide into my pocket.

But I still effing HATE Apple.

 Although I may still troll the Apple store when I go to the mall.

Not to be a hypocrite, but they do make some purty stuff.

Just warn the sales staff not to expect any commission off this girl.

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{June 19, 2012}   Survey Rant

I love taking surveys for cash and prizes.

I even like having my opinion being heard and appreciated.

I don’t even mind when they disqualify me after a few questions.

What I hate is when the ask you a bazillion questions then they disqualify you.

If I am 15 minutes in, I should get something for crimony sake!!






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I was watching the Daily Buzz this morning and they did a story that secretly women like to clean.

The Daily Buzz

The Daily Buzz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Really, we do….?

Nobody told me!

Because I loathe cleaning with a p.a.s.s.i.o.n.!!!!!

I am with Kia Malone who says to just get your husband to do it.

Now all I need is a husband…

Any takers?

Andy did have a point when he says that their is a sense of satisfaction in having a clean house when others come over.

Yeah, I get that one.

I prefer my house at least be relatively presentable when folks come a’callin’…

But what does it seem that I only get guests when my house is “tow up from the flo’ up”.

However, that just make cleaning a necessity not a fun time.

Enjoy folding laundry…

Washing dishes…

Mopping floors…

WTH were they thinking?!?

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{December 9, 2011}   The CBS video player SUCKS!

The CBS video player sucks.

It is not that I don’t appreciate being able to watch the shows that I have missed during the week.

In the olden days, we had to wait until they started the rerun season.

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher (Image via

Now, we can just go to the internet version of the show of our choice and press play.

At least, that is what I do on the other television players.

But it never seems to run that smooth with CBS.

On, the player’s volume is often behind the visual.

The volume on the commercials are considerably louder than the actual episode.

And it sometimes stalls right in the middle causing me to have to refresh the page and start the episode all over again.

Bah. Humbug!

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