Why It is OK for women to objectify men

Men objectify women. That is not a secret.

What is kept more on the hush-hush just among us girls is that women have always objectified men as well.

We drool over the butt of a hot celebrity just as sloppily as a man staring at Kim’s assets.

(Come on, my first celebrity crushes were Antonio Saboto Jr and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Talk about your gluteus maximus.)

And that’s ok.

Because they’re celebrities.

Well, . . . → Read More: Why It is OK for women to objectify men

Amazon Flex will now easily pay you $18 – $25 to deliver packages

I make $18/hour delivering Amazon

After almost a year of searching, I finally found a job to replace the loss of my Leapforce contract. I am actually writing this post while patiently waiting for my pickup number to be called. So all you Amazon Prime members get on your Apple, Android, or Amazon device, download the Amazon Now app, and get to ordering!

Meanwhile, this post is more or less stream of consciousness being typed on my Amazon Kindle 7 while . . . → Read More: Amazon Flex will now easily pay you $18 – $25 to deliver packages

I’ve already broke that no procrastinating resolution

Here it is the 15th day of the new year and I’ve already broken my New Year’s Resolution to stop procrastinating.

First I broke by never actually writing the post of my 2016 goals.

And just today I broke it by not writing this post earlier today about how I broke the resolution to no longer procrastinate.

So, to sum it up, I suck. Lol.

So, how’s your New Year’s Resolutions going? Managing to hang in there . . . → Read More: I’ve already broke that no procrastinating resolution

Much ado about blogging

You can’t imagine just how much I miss blogging on a daily basis.

That’s one of the ways that I know this is my true calling, y’know.

I crave doing it almost as much as I crave a strawberry cheesecake (my kryptonite).

I especially like writing these posts as they are a diary of my days.

Happily, I just paid $26 on my internet bill so just another $70 left.

I have $25 payment on a mobile . . . → Read More: Much ado about blogging

Working on earning

I’m back!

Did you miss me?

Tragedy struck with the bills and cox yanked my internet.

So, I haven’t done much of anything with my blogs.

Instead, I have focused on mTurk to earn the money to get my service reconnected.

As well as continually looking for a steady paycheck.

I still have not discovered the secret to earning hundreds of dollars a week on mTurk.

Especially as I have used up all my data so they . . . → Read More: Working on earning

These bills are piling up

Bills are piling up over here so today, I am splitting my time between applying for jobs (both brick and mortar and virtual), submitting bids for sponsored posts, and earning a few dollars on mTurk.

Brick and mortar

Brick and mortar is probably the only way that I would feel comfortable with a phone job. Not really comfortable, per se, as it is still hard for me as an introvert. More like I would feel obligated. . . . → Read More: These bills are piling up

Morning, y’all

Good morning, y’all.

Shaking off yesterday and entering the week with renewed energy and vigor.

Maybe I just needed a good night sleep.

8:00 a.m.

Started the day off with completing a few comment threads on FB.

I think I write better comments first thing in the morning.

10:00 a.m.

I changed the name and modified the goals of my own FB group and wrote a post on my blog on blogging about joining my . . . → Read More: Morning, y’all

September 2015 Stats and October Goals

I am running so behind in getting this post out there this month.

Frankly, I am running behind on completing everything because of the nap I took on Wednesday.

Not a good start to this month.

But do you know who is having a good month?

Sarah Elizabeth!

Because she just won $10 paypal from entering the giveaway in September’s Income and Goal review and it is already winging its way to her.

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How I get rid of fleas on my dog and cat

I have a confession.

My dog has fleas.

And not only my dog.

They have hopped from her to my cats.

And my cats to my bed.

And my daughter’s bed.

The only living thing not being afflicted with fleas is our beloved parakeet…I think…

Since I got my long-haired chihuahua Korra a couple of years ago, I have been searching for a natural (and cheap, er, inexpensive) way to help her get rid of fleas and . . . → Read More: How I get rid of fleas on my dog and cat

A productive unproductive day

I am taking it easy this morning.

Although, technically, I am working as I am reading a book and I run a book review blog, so, thus working.

That all tracks, right?

Um, maybe if I was actually typing up the review as I read…

12:00 p.m.

I can’t stay away from work for long.

Added scroll buttons so that users can easily scroll up or down or quickly scroll back to the top of . . . → Read More: A productive unproductive day