Can you do the smokey eyes look?


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I freely admit to being makeup retarded.

At best, I can do only the simplest of things.

Nothing at all on most days.

Some days, I manage to slap on mascara and lip gloss.

When I dress up, I might even put on a layer of eye shadow.

Two layers if I am feeling sassy.

But, no matter how many times I try, I completely feel like a painted clown when I do the smokey eye look…youtube tutorials and all!

Can you do it? What’s the secret of your success? Have you always had a deft hand with makeup and hair?

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2 comments to Can you do the smokey eyes look?

  • I can do the smokey-eyes….I just analyze how it looks, then I copy it myself and then if I'm not satisfied, I look at the videos. Maybe because I can "draw and paint" and my eyes , ever since I can remember, can interpret the visual into a palette of colors on paper or any flat surface.
    Why don't you buy those smokey -eye make up kits first…they have the colors numbered and they come with instructions such as Cover Girl and Mally Roncal. They're very easy to do.


    • Queen Katrina

      The sad thing ~hangs head in shame. Lol. ~ is that I have the Cover Girl kit and I still suck at it. In fact, that's how I learned how to do the two tone so I am improving!


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