Can I deduct my Tax Season Survivor T-shirts?

It’s tax season (boo!!!) and I just completed my taxes (YAY!!) thanks to the lovely Turbo Tax.

But now my head hurts.

If your head hurts too (or you were lucky enough to pass that particular headache on to someone else), here are some cute t-shirts that feel your pain.

We did it! (Or we’re gonna do it. ~ahem~) We are Tax Season Survivors!!

Tax Season Survivor

Straight Outta Tax Season

There’s No Crying During Tax Season

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I Can’t Keep Calm, It’s Tax Season

Talk To Me After Tax Season

I’ll Sleep After Tax Season Teach Your Kid About Taxes. Eat 33% of their ice cream.

It’s A Tax Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand

Even The Voices In My Head Are Doing Taxes

Don’t even ask. I Can’t. It’s Tax Season. Normal Life Resumes April 16.

Tax Evasion Mode On

And for those who have filed (and probably have already spent their refund), there’s a cap for you.

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Show off!!!
I Did My Taxes Early

So congratulations all my tax season survivor pals. You’ve earned it. Let me know if you see any other nifty tax season novelty gifts. See you next April 15th!

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