Book Review: Princess and Divas

Ok, so this week’s book review is actually two books in one.

The Princess-In-Traning Manual is on one side.

And you flip it over to read Divas Don’t Fake It.

What’s funny is that my 11-year-old daughter saw both of this book and instantly thought of me.

Moi? Lol.

I started with The Princess-in-Training Manual by the fictious (I assume) Princess Jacqueline de Soignee.

An irreverant look at what it takes to be a princess in the 21st Century.

Princess Jacqueline (Jacquie to her friends) was born a princess but she feels that any woman can emulate princessly behavior to live a fruitful life.  She pulls examples from her life, both good and bad, to show just how a princess is suppose to behave in any given situation.

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She enshues grace and dignity at all times.

Divas Don’t Fake It, however, is the story of the passionate, uncomprimising diva out to get exactly what she wants from life, even if it means throwing your beloveds prized possessions out the window and into the sea.

Frankly, my personality is a burgeoning combination of the two. I believe in living life with grace and dignity and getting exactly what I want when I want it.  But I also believe in respecting my fellow humans and if I get so angry that I have to destroy your personal property, then we definitely should not be together…ever.

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And you’ll just be summarily dismissed.

End. Of. Story.

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