Blackberry Playbook: Day 1 – 4

Playbooks went on sale this week and I swooped one up on Thursday from the Sprint store in MacArthur Mall.

Actually, I ended up buying two of them.

Want to hear that story for first?

You do…

Ok, here’s what happened.

I was browsing Amazon for a cheap yet reliable tablet and I had almost decided Amazon Kindle Fire
when lo and behold…the BlackBerry Playbook was on sale for the exact same amount.

Which to get ….

Which to get…




Ok, that was no help.

But, ya know what, the Kindle Fire is and will always be $199 but this Playbook is on sale.

Decision clinched….add to cart….and purchased.

But, wait, you say, that is only one Blackberry Playbook…I thought you said that bought two.

Hold ya horses….I’m getting to that!

Did you fail to see where I said that I got mine from the Sprint Store?!?!

So, yeah, I went downtown with a friend to handle some business.

She had to pay her Sprint bill so I met back up with her in the store.

And I allowed her to talk me into relieving my need for instant gratification by buying a Playbook then and there.

(I actually considered the Samsung Galaxy tablet too but Sprint forces you to get a contract on that one…so nope!)

First, however, we took advantage of the Apple store to cancel my order on Amazon.

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And this is where it gets interesting.

Because when I got home, I not only had an email from Amazon saying that they could not cancel my order but that my BB Playbook has already been shipped.

Mind you, I went for the Super Saver Shipping which is free, and thus, the very bottom of the shipping barrell.

Frankly, I think that it got shipped faster because I cancelled it! Lol.

No worries, though….as I could always refuse delivery and gets my ends back, right?


Because when Baby Girl found out that another one was coming, she immediately put her dibs in…

She even went so far as to bargain way the laptop that she has been begging to get for months!

And heck….I’m no fool.

$200 for a Playbook or at least 4 large for a decent laptop…

You do the math! Lol.

Anyway, I thought that I would chronicle my journey with it thus far.

So, here is the Playbook Chronicles Days 1 – 4.

Day 1:

I’m in love!

The Playbook has a nice weight to it…it feels nice and substantial. Like it could take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

It is also small enough to slide right into my slim cross body purse so I can take it everywhere with no problem.

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It took me a minute to get use to all of the sliding this way and that to move from screen to screen but within an hour or so, I was an expert! lol.

I watched Youtube videos and movies on a site that shall not be named but, yeah, it is shady…but free! lol. I tried to watch Hulu but, as usual, not supported. Frankly, Hulu, that is getting embarrassing. And you want me to pay for Hulu Plus? Yeah, right….

I tried to pick up the wifi on a friend’s phone but it could not find it…Boo! Then I realized that I hadn’t activated the program. Lol. Hopefully, that was the only problem and BB did not make a Apple mistake of only allowing me to use a BB phone to use Wifi. That would suck royally.

Day 2:

Realized that there is no Kindle App…yet…bummed….Hopefully soon since BB is opening itself up to the Android market.

I found this cool cover/keyboard that I really, Really, REALLY want but I am saving up for a car.

The only thing missing is a place to put a stylus.

Day 3:

Found out that I could use the Amazon Kindle Cloud to read books. I can also pin to books to take with me on the go. Not quite as nice as a real Kindle App but it is servicable. The Cloud is slow to load and clunky to operate but the actually reading part is great.

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I also played the car game. The graphics are beautifully clear. And it was FREE! Take that iPad!

What I do not like is that there are no gmail or yahoo apps.

Instead, clicking the icon will take you to the browser.

Duh, I could have gone to the browser by myself! Lol.

Running Yahoo seems to be fine but the new gmail seems to be clunky.

Not sure if this is a problem common to all tablets but I do not have this problem on my iPod Touch.

Day 4:

Took my Playbook over a friend’s house today and her kids fell in love with the racey car game.

She is considering getting one for her toddler to keep him happy in the car but I advised it might be better to get him a Sony PSP.

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