Birthday Break

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For my birthday, I gave myself an unusual present.

I took the entire month of July of from both blogging and cooking.

One thing that I love.

The other that I loathe.

To give a clue on which is which, let’s just say that I am writing this post but I have yet to turn on the oven! Lol.

Anywho, I’m back, nice and revitalized.

Ready to take the blogging world by storm.

And wishing everyone who reads this a early, on time, or belated Happy Birthday.

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2 comments to Birthday Break

  • Happy Birthday to you! I also hate to cook, and would LOVE to take a month off. Sign me up! Maybe I will do that in my birthday month of September.


    • Queen Katrina

      It was very relaxing and I feel refreshed. Next time, however, I will plan for it in advance and have a few blog posts up and running before checking out.


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