Being Busy is profitable! Lol.

I have been super busy…and I mean really, Really, REALLY busy…

Because in addition to all of the blogs that I own, I am also a Traci Lynn Jewelry, Avon, and Jamberry Nails Independent Representative.


But all of my hard work is starting to pay off as I already have a few sales!

Woot! Woot!

I even have a person in my downline on Jamberry Nails.

I must admit, though, that with the sole exception of, I have been completely neglecting my blogs.

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(Wait! I take that back. I have done a few posts on

And the lack of profit in that is evident in that as well.

So, I have gotten myself organized using the calendar feature on my Blackberry Playbook.

This thing is a Godsend!!

Ok, I’m off back to work.

On today’s schedule is….not this blog….Lol.

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