Baby Girl starts her own blog

Yep, blogging is truly contagious, because my baby girl has officially started her own blog, SpiceySugar.

Give her an allowance?


Buy her everything that she wants?


Then what…

Buy her a domain!

Yep, that’s the ticket.

Well, technically, I didn’t exactly “buy” the domain as give her a domain that I already owned and just was not using.

But the deal is that she can change the domain after she posts for an entire year.

Heh, I’m no fool to be wasting $9.95 on a tween girl.

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She can earn her own income and review products to get the freebies.

All from the comfort of her own home and under my eagle eye and guidance.

I’m taking care of all of the marketing and advertising.

And all business communications have to be filtered through me first.

Yep, this is a stroke of genius.

If she is successful, she can write her own ticket to college.

And, bonus, if the money and gifts start flowing, I expect her brothers to hope right on her bandwagon.

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