August 2016 Income Post

The idea to write a post detailing the income that I make from home and/or freelancing has been kicking around in the back of my head for a few months now.

To be honest, my posts on my blogging income that I write over on Amablogger are usually some of my most read posts.

While this post while include any income that I made blogging, that will not be its primary focus.

Instead, it will showcase all of the little things that I do to try to get a bill or two paid every month while I build up my blogging business.


Mostly, I want to showcase those websites and apps that have already put the money in my greedy lil’ hands.

But, I will also give honorable mentions to programs that I have paid out before but that I didn’t meet the cashout minimums yet.

Just a disclosure that I may financially profit if you click any referral links and actively participate in any of the programs. Thanks in advance. Hopefully, we will all profit together!

As of right now, these stats are money earned without any referrals.

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Many of these programs have multiple ways to cash out but I generally stick to either Cash (Paypal, Visa gift card, or Direct Deposit) or Amazon gift certificates.


Swagbucks: $25.00 Paypal

Swagbucks pays you to complete tasks such as watching videos (phone/tablet/computer), taking surveys, making purchases, playimg games, etc.

Media Insiders: $25.00 Paypal

Media Insiders pay you to have an app on my mobile device. Then you just use the phone as you normally would. Occasionally, you may get an optional survey to complete.

SavingStar: $5.50 Paypal

 SavingStar pays you to purchase something off of their savings list. So, basically, cash back on things that you would have purchased anyway.

Stepbet/Dietbet: $26.11 Paypal

Stepbet rewards you for making your daily step goal every day of the month. Dietbet rewards you for meeting your weightloss goal. My initial bets were $40/each. The $26.11 is the amount that I made in profit.

mTurk: $5.95 Direct Deposit

Similar to Swagbucks in that it pays to do mini-tasks that they called hits. This company is owned and operated by Amazon. You can take payment in the form of a direct deposit or you can add it to your gift card balance.

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Bing Rewards (Now called Microsoft Rewards): $7.99 Monthly Hulu, $5.00 Amazon

Bing pays you to do daily searches on your mobile device and desktop device. I, more or less, earn 30 points a day in less than 10 minutes. They have now changed the point amount and payout meters. On the other hand, they have slightly increased the amount of points that you can earn if you are willing to use the Microsoft Edge browser. Oh, and don’t forget to check you email as there are often click points in there too.

Honorable Mentions

I haven’t quite reached payout on the following yet.

The first number is my current account balance.

The second number is the amount needed to cashout.

Adsense: $89.95/$100 Almost there

Google Adsense is currently the only profit maker that I have on any of my blogs to date. My last payout was June 21, 2016 and I am on track to hit my $100 by this month. If I am not mistaken, however, I won’t actually receive the payout until October. Am I correct?

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PaidViewPoint: $12.07/$$15.00

PaidViewPoint pays to take surveys. However, unlike other survey companies, their surveys are usually all very quick. Anything over 3 minutes is highly unusual. The least that I have gotten for completing a survey has been $0.10.

So, that’s my income post for the month of August. Nothing earth shattering there to report. The total is just enough to cover the cost of my internet service. I will need to do way better than that if I don’t want to be sitting in the dark.

The problem is that it is difficult to balance looking for a job with doing some of these tasks while taking care of the household. I tend to think it is easier to have a job than to look for one. I can tell you the stress of being able to pay your bills goes way down when you are at least bringing in an income.

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