April 2016 Life Goals

If you’re here looking for my blogger goals, I already did that post on my blog on blogging. Head on over there for the read and to leave a comment.

Although this post incorporates my blogging goals, they are only a parcel of my overall life goals so I moved the in-depth blogging goals post over there.

April 2016 Goals


  • Get more exercise. With my new used Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge came Samsung Health which, among other things, keeps track of how many steps that I take per day while holding the phone. The downside is that it only works while I am holding the phone. I see a FitBit or Samsung Gear in my future. I also downloaded the Samsung Workout Trainer and I probably need to crack that app open at least once a week. Lol. My son took my only Wii remote with him to college and I haven’t had a chance to order a replacement. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Even Elmer couldn’t unglue it.)
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, you can’t often find coupons and app savings for fruit and vegetables sparingly but I am determined to incorporate them more into my diet anyway.
  • Budget Time:Β Sometimes I feel the need for more hours in the day but I seem to get a good portion of work done. Not everything. But not enough left over to feel like a total failure either. I try to only work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day (with trips to the store, etc. squeezed necessary) to make sure that I am getting enough sleep. 
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  • Blog: This is my number 1 as I love blogging with a passion and would love to make this a self-supporting, full-time income.
  • Amazon Flex: Work as many hours as they give me. Unfortunately, they aren’t given me very many. ~sigh~ Order Amazon Now, people, and help a girl out, ok? Especially y’all in the Hampton Roads area. Lol.
  • iSoftStone: Complete my 2nd attempt at the test. I failed it miserably the first time but they are nice enough to give me another go at it.
  • Apps and websites: There are many apps and websites that pay me to either simply just have them on my phone or to be active when I am out and about. I am exploring them and I’ll post whether or not they are worth our time to use. One that I am considering completely phasing out is RewardShopping (formerly Superpoints) but more on that later.
  • Amazon Fulfillment: I have big plans for this. Stay tuned.
  • Giveaways: One day I will win one! Or, better yet, many. If you are a blogger reading this, feel free to put your open giveaway in the comments (especially cash or Paypal but anything is welcome) and I will enter it.
  • mTurk: Continue doing mTurk until I find a source of income that I enjoy more.
  • Groceries: Sticking to my $400/month or less grocery bill goals including food, hygience, and pet supplies for my daughter, myself, Β plus a chihuahua and 2 cats.
  • Prius. I want a Prius. Badly. So I have decided to start saving towards one. If Amazon Flex would have given me at least 10 – 20 hours/week, I may have gone the financing route. But, alas, they did not. And so, I shalt not. My hairdresser (technically my daughter’s hairdresser since I can only afford one head at a time and babygirl takes precedence) has a 2002 Toyota Prius that I was drooling over just yesterday. She says that it only takes $12.50 to fill the thing up. That she can take a trip to North Carolina and back on half a tank. Plus, they are made by Toyota which has a decent reputation and there are a kazillion people driving them around here so the parts should be plentiful and relatively inexpensive. Any of you own a Prius?
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As you can see, my goals are modest in scope and very doable. Or do you think that they are too much? Or not enough? Do you have any goals for this month? Bloggers, did you write a monthly goal or income report type blog? Feel free to leave it in the comments and I will go and take a read.

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