Am I a gold digger?

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I don’t know what made me wake up asking myself this question this morning.

Yet, here I am, wondering if I would be technically classified as a gold digger.

I am most definitely a dating snob.

Ie, if you can’t afford to take me out, then you can’t afford to be with me.

But, that’s more of a product of my environment.

These black men around here just want to “kick it” with you which translates to have sex and then you go fix me a sammich…

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Uh, hell no, does not even begin to express my feelings on the subject…

But, on a deeper level, I’ve always been attracted to money.

Well, not money, per se…more like success.

Hard won, pull yourself up by your boot straps success.

I never found men who inherited money very attractive unless the increased the money by leaps and bounds.

Or are very philanthropic with the money.

Anything but spending his day chasing ski bunnies or bikini models.

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I guess that’s why I’m also not attracted to the multimillionaires in the rap and sports industry.

Give me a well dressed man in a three piece suit.

Or, even better, a successful “nerd” with a body to die for and the mind, body, and bank account to match.


Now, that’s some gold worth digging!

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3 comments to Am I a gold digger?

  • So you want a man who can take care of you? Nothing wrong with that.

    I’m not much of a gold digger myself. I know this because my financial standards are pretty low. But I do have standards. If you have a job, but you can’t take me out to dinner sometimes, you’re a cheap mfer. Next!

    If you don’t have a job, I understand. This economy sucks. But you’d better be LOOKING for one or you’re a lazy mfer. Next!
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