Ally McBeal Sex Appeal

Yesterday, I was watching a Christmas episode of Ally McBeal on Netflix.

David E. Kelley

David E. Kelley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this particular episode, Ally was out to prove that she could do sexy so she dones a sexy Mrs. Clause outfit and sings the song Santa Baby.

Nothing unusaul in that…they are forever singing on this show…

However, I was struck by her type of sexy.

It was like a You Can Look but Don’t Touch type of sexy that really appeals to me…maybe because it is closer to my personal style.

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I hate the grabby type of men.

As if just because their trouser worm is moving, they are then entitled to touch me.


(Um, I think I covered that whole thing is a previous rant. Lol.)

Anyway, Ally’s Mrs. Clause both could burn and give you frost bite.

It always amazes me how many women strip practically naked to get a man’s attention when, frankly, you can get just as much attention (and treated with a lot more respect) with the Touch Me Not attitude.

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Just sayin’….


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