All and all, it’s been a good day

The morning started off with a wtf??? moment when I turned to Fox at 6 am and there was no Wendy Williams.

But, since it was TMZ, I hung in there and was blessed with Ms. Wendy at 7 instead.

Of course, at 8, there was the ultra-boring Hampton Roads show (boo!) so I hopped on over to my usual Daily Buzz on CW.

Followed by a return trip to Fox to finish up with Dr. Oz.

Yes, I pretty much run my life on a tv schedule.

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Doesn’t everyone??

Of course, the creme de la creme was half-listening to Divorce Court only to hear my brother-in-laws name.


And not the same brother-in-law as the first time.

The first time, it was the youngest of all of my mother-in-law’s sons.

This time, it was that middle boy.

Cracking up, I immediately called my bosom buddies and suggested (ok, screeched!) at them to turn to Divorce Court immediately.

Can you believe?

Both of my brother-in-laws made a Divorce Court TV appearance (apparently for the second time on this middle son. How’d I miss the first time????)

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The only question now is just when am I and the estranged Mr. Katrina gonna make our tv debut?


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