A productive unproductive day

I am taking it easy this morning.

Although, technically, I am working as I am reading a book and I run a book review blog, so, thus working.

That all tracks, right?

Um, maybe if I was actually typing up the review as I read…

12:00 p.m.

I can’t stay away from work for long.

Added scroll buttons so that users can easily scroll up or down or quickly scroll back to the top of the website.

I also figured out how to remove the ProjectWonderful error on excerpts.

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That irritated me to no end so I am glad to have that problem solved.

I added the EU cookie to my housing niche blog.

Started working on adding Paypal to my Advertise page.

I am stumbling on figuring out the Checkout part but I’m making progress.

You can actually add the options that you want to the cart (and see the cart in the sidebar) and it will take you to Paypal to checkout.

I want the cart to appear in the post itself for mobile customers.

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I also want to make a form to order my Virtual Assistant services, Content Writer Services, and Giveaway Guru pages in which the buyer can input the necessary information such as the post that they wanted tweeted, stumbled, etc.

In the future, I want to also include the ability to use Amazon payments.

2:30 p.m.

After lunch and a Walking Dead episode (yeah, I eat while watching zombies), I am getting started on Swagbucks, Superpoints, Paidviewpoint, and Bing.

4:00 p.m.

Peeked at my adsense and boy is it disheartening.

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Yesterday was only $0.09 and only $0.02 so far today.

That is way  too far from my goal of $3.50/day.

10:00 p.m.

I am almost caught up on all of my FB groups.

Pretty much just have a few blog comment ones left over but I don’t want to do those while I’m so sleepy so I am going to call it a night.

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