A Murderous Status

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I just found the story on MomLogic about a North Carolinian woman who was murdered by her boyfriend for simply changing her Facebook status to engaged.

63-year-old Karen Ann Rooney was shot twice in the torso in her home by 62-year-old Peter Terrance Moonan.

Mr. Moonan then killed himself with the same .357-caliber handgun.

Ms. Rooney and Mr. Moonan dated for 16 years before breaking up last February.
Authorities think that the change to “engaged” along with a picture of herself and her new fiance on Ms. Rooney’s profile is what triggered the violent response of Mr. Moonan.
From some of the comments on other people’s blogs, the moral of this story is to check your privacy settings on Facebook.
But I disagree.
The ex would have eventually have found out about her new engagement one way or the other and this story would have probably played out the same way…with senseless violence and death.
No, the moral that I received from this story is that you don’t ever really know someone, even after 16 years, so be very careful who you invite into your life.

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