Last week, I learned that Amazon is raising its free shipping rate to $35.

As in, order $35 worth of approved product and shipping is free.

I can understand it from a pure business analysis perspective.

But, from a customer perspective, well, it just sucks.

Take today, for example.

Today, I was going to order myself a yoga mat with my $29 gift card balance.

I narrowed it down to this  NPR Yoga Mat in purple for $10.50 pluse $10 s&h.

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Now, usually, I just go find a book or two that I gave been meaning to purchase and read to bring the total up to $25.

But, today, I walk away empty-handed because I don’t have enough gift cards to make my order $35.

No big deal to Amazon since these are only gift cards and they are not losing anything.

But, I would think the same way if I was ordering with cash and money was tight.

Or if  I didn’t have enough time to go searching for another $20 worth of stuff.

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Many people shop Amazon because of the free shipping offer.

It is going to be interesting to see just how upping the ante affects Amazon’s bottom line.

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