$10 Paypal Giveaway

Sooo, I want need to get my numbers back up on this blog.

To be perfectly honest, the more traffic I get to this blog, the more income I make on those lovely ads I have so unobtrusively placed.

And the more money I make, the more inspired I am to write about my wacky life.

So, I am gambling that I will earn more than I am giving away.

Fingers crossed, right…

And what better way than to give away money.



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Officially, this giveaway doesn’t start til September 1, 2013 but I am allowing my actual readers to go ahead and enter now.


Plus, y’all can test whether or not the links in my Rafflecopter form are correct.

As a bonus, your critique can count as an entry!



a Rafflecopter giveaway

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